Cycle Inspired Decor Ideas – Ciclo Cafe

Ciclo Image 2

If there is one locality in Bengaluru that is abuzz with activity, it has to be Indiranagar. Easily the most happening locale, there is always something interesting happening here. Naturally when we received an invite to visit the newly opened Ciclo Cafe, from the house of Absolute Specialty who have partnered with TI Cycles we decided to check out the place. Dedicated to everything to do with cycles, this post is dedicated to the quirky and interesting decor of the cafe. Being a chain of restaurants, the brand has a vision to bring together members of the cycling community, increase awareness about cycling and foster cycling excellence in the community and is present in Chennai, Hyderabad and Gurgaon.

Ciclo Image 1

If you love cycling, this is a one stop shop with top-class facilities for sales and service of premium bicycles, cycling merchandise and accessories, in-store expert advice on cycling, regular rides and tours – all accompanied with world-class hospitality in the form of premium F&B services with international cuisines. A lifestyle café, the decor has all kinds of elements of the cycle.

Here are the aspects of the decor that caught our fancy:

The monochrome flooring here has a 3D kind of feel and works beautifully in the context of the cafe.


These are custom light fixtures that are seen in all the cafes. The rim of the cycle forms the base of this rather interesting ceiling light.


More light ideas here – this is a chandelier that uses the cycle tyre rim as well as the chains interspersed with lights.


And why not use the cycle seats as wall decor? Well here it is:


My favourite is this beautifully painted wall with people on cycles, just the variety of the characters here is so diverse and amazing – just like the food here:


And even the entrance has a larger than life cycle model that sets the tone for what you see inside:


If you are looking for how to add theme decor that is not over the top and yet resonates with the intrinsic value of the brand, check out Ciclo Cafe.

And yes, here is the food review by Rashmi.



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